Women's international leadership conference 2021

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about the event

The Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL) empowers womxn with diverse academic and professional backgrounds from around the world to take charge of their careers and put themselves on the path to leadership. Undergraduate students at Jacobs University have been organizing the conference since 2015.  

Our vision:  

  • To create awareness about the lack of womxn in leadership positions, 

  • to inform about prevailing discrimination against womxn from different points of view, 

  • to make feminism understandable for people of various backgrounds, and  

  • to inspire particularly female students to aim for high career goals. 

Who will participate:  

  • We are expecting speakers from all over the world, from various social and professional backgrounds. Our guests include academics, social entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, activists, engineers and so on.  

  • Our main target audiences are undergraduate and graduate students. However, everyone with an interest in the topic is more than welcome to participate. Tickets can be purchased on our website from the beginning of February onwards. 

On May 8th & 9th 2021, the WIL conference will offer a diverse program with speakers and participants from all over the world and a multitude of subject areas.

Sat, May 8th:  

During the first day, the conference will offer four individual speeches, a panel discussion on intersectionality & feminism and a campfire session in smaller groups aimed to create a true dialogue between our participants and session leaders.  

Sun, May 9th:  

The second day will be centered around a panel discussion on gender in academia as well as three individual speeches on different subjects, projects and organizations. Additionally, our networking session will give participants and speakers the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas on a more personal level. 




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