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Main Organizers

Get to know our main organizers of the WIL Team here!

Cäcilia Riederer and Theresa Emily Niklas are both studying “International Relations: Politics and History” and are currently in their third and final year of their Bachelor studies at Jacobs University Bremen. They have been working together on several occasions beforehand, for example as the President and the Vice-president of the Undergraduate Student Government, respectively, and have been involved in organizing WIL since 2019. A common theme that has characterized their work is the endeavor to reduce discrimination, sexism and prejudices and to aim to foster social equality and diversity.

About their commitment to WIL they say, “We believe that we all have an obligation to stand up for what we believe in and make a difference where we can. We want to encourage and empower young womxn, just like ourselves to pursue the career and way of life they want to pursue, regardless of the gender stereotypes that we are still struggling with.”

Cäcilia is head of the Speakers and Logistics Committee, Emily is head of the Finance and PR Committee. You can contact them via c.riederer@jacobs-university.de and t.niklas@jacobs-university.de.

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Speakers Committee

The members of the Speaker Committee are responsible for inviting speakers and designing the program of the event. By doing so, they have to make sure to include speakers from various social and professional backgrounds, such as academics, entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers as well as representatives of the cultural and other sectors. The conference will be composed of talks, two panel discussions on “Women in Academia” and “Intersectionality,” and a so-called campfire session, so that the participants can actively engage with our guests. The speakers are asked to talk about topics, that encourage womxn to step into leadership

Team: Yordanos Abeje, Gubaala Boku, Julia Douthit, Naomi Mukuhi, Sanyukta Suman, Yijing Yang, Aarshika Singh and Hersa Bregu.

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Finance Committee

The key role of the Finance Committee is to provide guidance on financial matters during the event planning. Specifically, the committee oversees the budget plan, manages donations

and seeks out to potential sponsors, both via the Jacobs University network and through external sources. Furthermore, they coordinate ticket sales, which will start in early February 2021.

Team: Paula Castillo, Julia Baumgarten, Kelly Kiki, Darshana Singh, Luna Ponelies, Ghita Choqi, Andrra Nimoni, and Grace Akambe.


PR Committee

The PR Committee works to promote WIL through social media (Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn), by publishing blogs, and organizing teaser events. Moreover, the team is responsible for the content of the WIL Website.

  • Our Instagram Team: Rokaya El Ghouate, Betelhem Lakew, Hermela Guba & Izabella Ferreira.

  •  Our Facebook Team: Salma El Atassi, Yusma Akbar & Luisa Luehdorff.

  • Our YouTube Team: Belen Robleto & Siyin Wu.

  • Our Website Team: Atiya Ansari, Melissa Gallant, Tara Miler & Simona Koleva.


Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee oversees the logistical components of the WIL Conference including technical support and running the event via an online platform. Working closely with the PR Committee, the Logistics Committee takes the lead on creating a website and organizing a teaser event.

Team: Emiliano Godínez, Iris Dervishi, Letisa Derveni, Mariam Bukhrashvili, Valentina Sanchez and Nur Rafizade.