Aurelie Salvaire

Aurélie Salvaire, is a French author and social entrepreneur passionate about gender and narratives.

She has been working for the past 10 years in the social innovation field, collaborating with Oxfam, Ashoka, Unreasonable Institute, and Impact Hub. From 2012 to 2015, she curated different TEDx events and especially TEDxBarcelonaWomen, and coached dozens of international speakers. In 2012, she founded The A Factor which has run storytelling workshops, innovation tours, and inspiring events in places as diverse as Beirut or Nairobi. She is also a very active speaker and trainer, promoting greater diversity and shedding light on lingering stereotypes through her platform Shiftbalance. She recently shot a 28 minutes documentary on masculinity in Pakistan called Maard Ban and published two books, a travel chronicles in French and an anthology of gender equity solutions in English.

The book, called “Balance The World”, can help you launch a gender revolution. It is a fun and visual guidebook, full of advice. It gives you useful data you might need at the next family dinner debate and also gives you all the best examples and strategies on how even YOU can be a part of the gender revolution. You can even download the digital version of the book here:

If you would like to know more about ShiftBalance, where you can read the blogposts, explore webinars, information about Bootcamps, or just want to know more about Aurelie’s work, please look at the Website:

If you might be interested in her TEDxCarthage talk, where she talks about how she got back up after her mother losing her battle with depression, how important is to trust in ourselves, to not let the fear get the best of us, to have faith, to have trust, she explains that the more you trust, the more you can experience in life:

As mentioned before, she has also founded A factor, and it is another interesting thing you can check out to find out more about her and her purpose:

You can also follow her on Instagram:

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