Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Grace is a Korean American theologian and Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, Indiana. She is best known for books and articles on the social and religious experiences of Korean women immigrants to North America. One of her best works involving feminism, intersectionality, and religion as never seen before is Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide offers a pathway for reflective Christians, pastors, and theologians to apply the concepts and questions of intersectionality to theology. An intersectionality is a tool for analysis, developed primarily by black feminists, to examine the causes and consequences of converging social identities (gender, race, class, sexual identity, age, ability, nation, religion) within interlocking systems of power and privilege (sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, nativism) and to foster engaged, activist work toward social justice. Applied to theology, intersectionality demands attention to the Christian thinker's own identities and location within systems of power and the value of deep consideration of complementary, competing, and even conflicting points of view that arise from the experiences and understandings of diverse people. Some of the most achievable awards and honors in her name:

  • 2020 Sabbatical Grant for Researchers from the Louisville Institute

  • 2010 Wabash Center Summer Research Fellowship

  • 2007 Yale Awards, Faith as a Way of Life, a semifinalist

Grace has her own website that you can visit here, to get to know her better:

She also has a Twitter account where she posts frequently. Follow her to keep up!

And she even writes blogs about various topics like hope, shame, sexual assault, voting (Voting is important!), and even her country Korea. Definitely worth checking out and learning something new.


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